Home care (non-hospital care)

Flexeria is particularly suited for use within home care. It eliminates the need for a key safe. Furthermore, it cannot be seen from the outside of the house that care is being provided. Flexeria meets all the requirements and standards for home care. It is also important that the resident and his family have access to the home with a regular set of keys. Care providers gain access with their mobile phones, eliminating the necessity of having residents’ keys in their possession and the risk of losing them. Of course, the care provider may only gain access after the resident has given permission. Since regular keys are used, the resident himself can have them duplicated if necessary. No code cards or electronic keys are needed. The management platform arranges access for scheduled and unplanned care. In case of emergency the family doctor or ambulance personnel are given one-off access or temporary access to the home.
Flexeria uses an open protocol, making it applicable within all care alarm systems. It works in combination with both smartphones and older mobile phones post-2004.

Surveillance and alarm response

Alarm response demands good, extensive key management. In many cases only a few keys are passed to the security service, while several cars are available for alarm response. Flexeria offers the opportunity to grant access to the building to all available officials using their mobile phones. Drive time will improve, the expensive key safe will be redundant and security personnel do not need to have several keys in their possession


Provision of access authorization to holiday parks, hotels, and B&Bs is significantly simplified by using Flexeria. Future visitors receive a digital key in advance and do not have to be given the key on arrival. In addition, the companies own employees can have access to allocated doors for a set time frame. The system works with a free app on the mobile phone. Therefore, visitors cannot forget or lose their mechanical keys.


For extra comfort Flexeria can be used in homes. Residents can use their own mobile phone to unlock the door. By means of the free app on visitor’s mobile phones it is possible to provide them temporary access to the home, or access at set times. So delivery services and cleaning companies, for example, do not need to be issued with keys.


Employees gain safe access via the staff entrance using Flexeria. Key management is easier and more reliable since access is granted via the free app on the user’s mobile phone. Use of normal keys is always possible for those who do not or will not use the free Flexeria app on their mobile phone.


Numerous activities, such as meetings and evening openings, take place in the school building after school hours. Flexeria is ideal for providing access after school hours. Key management is very simple, since access is granted via the free app on visitor’s mobile phones. The issue of a lot of keys is no longer necessary.

Student residences

Key management for student residences is quite intensive. Temporary occupation makes key management difficult and expensive: it involves a lot of administrative work and keys may go missing.  With Flexeria, access authorization is possible via the free app on the user’s mobile phone. Management is easier and less expensive.


During refurbishment, renovation or major maintenance many keys are issued to the companies providing these services. Key management is much simpler if these companies can open doors with their mobile phones. The manager determines who has access and at what times.


By using Flexeria, providing access to storage sites and replenishing stocks at night is possible without issuing keys and code passes. Users gain access to these locations via the free app on their mobile phones. Time zones can be set remotely and unplanned and temporary access is possible.