Motor cylinder

Motorized Euro profile cylinder Bluetooth Low Energy which replaces existing  Euro profile cylinder.

  • incl. 3 months management
  • incl. app
  • incl. mechanical SKG***® cylinder with 3 keys
  • incl. 5 digital keys
  • incl. 6 pieces AA batteries
  • Equipped with SKG***® euro profile cylinder 30/30 mm with 3 nickel silver keys (cylinder to extend by 5 mm)
  • Equipped with standard knob on the inside for opening or locking (optionally be supplied with larger knob for better grip)
  • Knob on inside is turn and go
  • Easy to mount on existing single- and multipoint locks
  • AES-128 encryption
  • 3.500 openings and closures on one set of batteries
  • Electronically and mechanically tested at 100,000 openings and 100.000 closings
  • App for compatible phones with Android 4.3 or higher and iPhone 4S or higher
  • 3 months management included
  • App included
  • 5 digital keys included
  • 6 batteries included (optional with external 12V DC adaptor)
  • Can also be operated with optional remote